2017 Lineup

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Keynote: All Sides of the Table

Rachael Qualls: Founder, VC, Angel.

Rachael Qualls is an entrepreneur and an investor. She has asked for hundreds of thousands of dollars and signed the checks to companies that asked her for the capital. Rachael will recount her story of tech deals from both sides of the table.

Rachael is currently the co-founder and CEO of Venture360, a software making investing in private companies easy. Venture360's portfolio management products help thousands of venture funds, angel groups, and family offices all over the world manage their entire funding process. With the newly released company tools supporting capital raising activity - Venture360 now supports a new standard in investing for the private equity industry. 

Previously, Rachael founded the Angel Capital Group - one of the largest angel groups in the country. Rachael has also been an LP and GP of funds. Having sat on both sides of the table, as both investor and entrepreneur, Rachael was able to develop Venture360 to meet the unique needs of both these diverse groups.

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