2017 Lineup

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The First Pitch by Mantle.

Tech Startups Show Off Their Companies

It seems like anyone could do it. These tech companies are defying their heads and following their gut as they grow a pearl. 

Finaius: a Financial Research Platform powered by Artificial Intelligence, a Mantle. incubating company. www.finaius.com

Marketect: a simple solution for financial explanation and investor outreach and reporting, a Mantle. incubating company. www.marketect.io

Padrick: a member management platform, managing keys, payments, and rooms, a Mantle. incubating company. www.poweredbypadrick.com

Cattlog: an ecommerce platform working to disrupt the stockyard industry, one cow at a time, a Lake, Mississippi startup. www.cattlog.com

Beam Lunches: connecting people through gourmet lunches in an efficient and non-intrusive ways, an Oxford, Mississippi startup. www.beamlunches.com

TBH: the winner of the JAWAD hackathon will demo their overnight project and its purpose.

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